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A Useful New Aid To Navigation

Virgil Chambers

The Course Conversion Calculator, made of a durable plastic, quickly and accurately corrects variation and deviation, gives the course to steer, converts relative bearings, gives reciprocals, and has other features essential in plotting a DR track.

The device assists in learning and understanding the principles and procedures based on centuries of observation, analysis, and study. The GPS and other electronic devices fall short of this capability.

It is a valuable tool in any boating class as well as on a boat as a back-up to a GPS and/or to confirm GPS readings, and it fits conveniently into a log book or note book. The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has them available to their members through their national material center.

You might also consider that at a minimal wholesale cost, with your name and logo on it, boaters will continue to be reminded of your excellence in quality boat manufacturing, boating education or supplies. This is indeed a practical item for boaters, and as a promotional item it is far superior to calendars, memo pads, etc.

Click on the link below to see the following:

  • Enlargement of front view
  • Review by a NYPD Harbor Patrol Officer
  • Testimonials by: Quartermaster, United States Coast Guard; Commodore, USCG Auxiliary; Nat'l Staff Officer, Canadian Power Squadron, and others
  • Order Form with Suggested Retail Prices

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