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West Hartford Native Launches Angling Web Store

USA Today

West Hartford native, and Conard graduate Travis MacMillian put his successful insurance career on the back burner, and decided to make a career out of his true passion salt water fishing. After a successful twenty year career in corporate insurance as a vice president of marketing, and then as CEO of major New York City insurance corporation Travis decided it was time to follow his heart, and the FishLinked Angler Center was born.

FishLinked Angler Center is the fruit of Travis’s’ labor and it launched on the web this past Thursday. FishLinked Angler Center is an on-line tackle super store. Utilizing his years of business experience enabled Travis to tackle his web store from a unique perspective. Travis utilized his vision, and created a company he would want to purchase his equipment from, a company that prides itself on customer service and ease of doing business, and most importantly one that will provide the right equipment for the right fishing situation.

One of FishLinkeds’ other core focuses is to get more families with children involved in the sport of fishing, with the importance of conservation and catch and release being the main target.  “We are approaching our web shopping experience in a very different way, making the on-line experience simple, and easy for a person just starting out, that does not have any knowledge of fishing other than the type of fish they would like to catch, to the professional that would say they "know it all" stated MacMillian.

This part of the company is in the final stages of completion. Travis’s belief is that it all starts with the basic understanding of : What, Where, When and How...  To that end FishLinked Angler Center has taken the How, and made purchasing the right equipment simple, easy, and affordable.

As for the What, Where and When, of angling, FishLinked is developing angling modules to teach fishing from basic to advanced, in both a classroom hands on manner, in addition to a soon to be unveiled very unique and specific on-line experience. This phase of the Company is in development and should be available in the next couple of months.

“Its an exciting time for me, to be able to pursue my dream, and give back and support fishing conservation and share and instill my love of fishing with others is truly living the dream. I can’t wait to get to the office each day” said MacMillian. Visit FishLinked on line at and feel free to contact MacMillian with any questions or feed back you may have. “We embrace our clients feed back and expect to grow as a company for it” Travis stated. Be sure and Friend us on Face book, and follow us on twitter for all the latest FishLinked updates.

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